Managing Emergencies

Victoria's Emergency Management Arrangements

Emergency management involves the plans, structures and arrangements that are established to bring together government, voluntary and private agencies in a comprehensive and coordinated way to deal with a whole spectrum of emergency needs.

In Victoria, the state's emergency management arrangements are outlined under one central plan and are updated regularly, ensuring lessons learnt from each emergency are captured and new risks and threats are considered and planned for. The arrangements are intended to apply equally to small and large-scale emergencies. They provide the framework to best utilise resources to manage an emergency, using commonly understood agency systems and structures that operate at municipal, divisional and state levels.

The Emergency Management Act 1986 provides the legislative framework for Victoria's emergency management arrangements and the Emergency Management Manual Victoria is the comprehensive document which contains the principal policies and planning arrangements.

The three components of managing emergencies are:

  • prevention
  • response
  • recovery.